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8 tips to get through Covid19 with kids (and a husband)

January 24, 2021

Our baby girl Priya Jai was born on March 14, 2020, the very same weekend the Governor of Rhode Island declared a State of Emergency and we were officially locked down. I plan to share my #CovidBaby birth story on here one day, along with Post-Partum through Covid19 but some of that still feels a little too fresh. 

I mention her birthdate because exactly ten months later to the date, on January 14, 2021, my husband tested positive for Covid19. 

To say we were Covid conscious is an understatement. For the last ten months our world included our small immediate family, daycare and work. We decided on a stricter path due to our parents who were older and our immediate family members that are immunocompromised. 

Unfortunately my husband has a public facing job, and we fought off the virus for as long as we could. To see the word positive almost felt like a death sentence and a sense of relief all at once. 

We immediately went into survival mode. The husband was isolated in a room on our second floor while we both got on the phone with our oldest daughter (who was with us earlier that week), work and daycare. Making those calls sucked, but I was relieved to know that I wasn’t making those calls because we were careless or out partying the week before, we were making those calls because it was inevitable, and we were lucky to have gone this long with my husband dealing with the general public 6 days a week throughout the pandemic. 

Now what the heck was I to do with a three year old, and a ten month old who was going through a sleep regression at the same exact time. I already hadn’t slept in two nights, I was exhausted and now this. I did what all moms do, #mommode. I fed and bathed and got the kids to sleep and then I completely disinfected the house, the sheets, the doors and floors. I laid down at 11pm only to wake up at 2am and struggle through a three hour crying sleep regression. Priya cried and I cried. I don’t know how I got through that night but I did.

It was 5am and the third night in a row of no sleep. My throat began to tickle. I hadn’t left the house since January 8th, but there I was, certain that the VID had gotten to me. A few hours and a Covid test later, I too sat there staring at my own positive test results. 

So now what? My first thought was thank god my husband no longer needed to isolate because now that we were both positive and could quarantine together. I was desperate for help, I was exhausted. Before I could bother to tell him, he had finally fallen asleep from what was a sleepless anxiety driven night for him. I let him sleep for what felt like forever.

We made a plan, we cleaned some more and made sure we wore masks with the kids. At that point it didn’t matter, our household was infected. We called their pediatrician and were asked to take them into the Covid clinic to get tested.

The next ten days feel like a blur, as parents there wasn’t time for rest it just felt non-stop. Mario was lucky to completely get off from work, where I worked the entire time only taking a few hours off the first two days. We were lucky enough to only have mild symptoms. We both agree that we’ve both felt worse with different illnesses in the past, but Covid symptoms are strange. They come and go in waves. 

What were our symptoms? 

  • Cold-like, sore throat, runny nose, the most extreme headache, nausea, body aches. 
  • Annoyance. (I’m not sure if this is a Covid symptom or more of a grown man baby symptom)

What was the worst symptom?

  • Loss of smell and taste for me. THIS is the WORST. Fortunately only I suffered from this, Mario and the girls did not experience this. Of course the one who has a food blog loses her scent and taste. 

How were the kids? 

  • Both girls only had 1-2 days of runny noses. Other than their nose, there were no signs, they both ate and played with a normal level of energy. THANK GOD.
  • Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator SAVED US! I live by this product. It’s the first thing I purchase for expectant mom friends.
  • Pack and Play – the night the baby showed signs of symptoms, we chose to put a pack and play in our room so we could monitor both of the girls and their breathing. Mila had finally started sleeping in her own room just the week before so this was a hard decision for us, but ultimately it was what made us feel better and that’s all that mattered.

What were we doing Pre-Covid diagnosis for our immune systems?

What remedies did we do while we had Covid?

  • Continued with celery juice
  • Continued with our vitamins
  • Added Tylenol for our headaches
  • Steam Inhalations with Eucalyptus and Chamomile and boiling water
  • When Mila started to show symptoms we freaked out and asked a family member to purchase this Vicks Botanicals line. However we only used it for one dose on her first day and never used it again.
  • Checked our temps daily
  • Checked our oxygen levels
  • Honey Ginger Lemon Tea 3-4x a day
  • Essentia Water for electrolytes
  • BodyArmor Juice – for Mario. He believes it’s curing, I think it’s just sweet juice.
  • Soups – a lot of it

For everyone that I talk to about Covid, it’s really the anxiety of “when will this get worse” that truly drives you nuts. For us, we were so worried about our kids. Mila has already had a previous lung surgery and Priya had never been sick before, so not knowing how they were going to react, killed us. We laid awake watching them breathe some nights. 

Today is Day 11 for us, and for the first time I felt like myself again, with no symptoms. The girls are all doing great and well Mario, is Mario. I do believe our proactive approach when it comes to supporting our immune system with vitamins, celery juice, and natural spices helped us get through this. I am thankful everyday that we got through it.

I mentioned earlier feeling a sense of relief when finding out we were positive. The fear of getting Covid at the grocery store, at work, or filling your gas tank was building higher and higher for me as time went by. I don’t feel invincible but I feel OKAY. Getting Covid, has relaxed my fear of Covid. 

So what advice can I give?

Prepping for the VID:

  • #1  Set up a little “Covid station” asap. The minute we tested positive, I went and got a basket, I put all of the kids Tylenol, Nose Frida, thermometers, oxygen meters, Vicks, cough drops. I took out our tea bags, pre-cut lemons, ginger and honey. I also took our Gatorades and Bodyamors out of the fridge to get them to room-temp. 
  • #2  Grab your disinfectants and keep them out. At first when Mario tested positive we behaved like the rest of us were negative and I made sure to clean all high touch areas, and everywhere Mario went. Even after we all tested positive, I continued to wipe down all high touch areas.
  • #3  Take inventory of what groceries/baby formula and water, you have and get a list going. Either ask family to help or you can order your groceries to be delivered. Don’t wait until you run out of things, do this as soon as you can especially if you have to rely on a third party delivery. (Be sure to add electrolyte-filled drinks and lots of lemon and ginger)

Mental Health

  • #4  Take the break – for those that work from home and have a hard-core work ethic, take time off of work. I chose to work through the entire time I had covid while taking care of my entire family. It was a poor decision. I should’ve taken more time for my own mental stability. 
  • #5  Tell your support system and ask for help. Our mother in-law brought us juices and soups while my bestie made her way to bring us a pack and play on a late Sunday night. 
  • #6  Get 15 minutes of alone time. This is hard to do when you are quarantining together, but maybe you are the last one to shower when everyone is asleep, or maybe it’s drinking your morning tea away from the chaos for 15 minutes. When everyone is sick and moody, this is necessary. 

Physical Health

  • #7  Walk around. Don’t stay in bed the entire time, it will make your body aches worse. Get up and walk around as much as you can. 
  • #8  Do a Eucalyptus and Chamomile steam (inhalation). Thank you to my dear friend Lina! Here is a video how to: https://youtu.be/9wIf1WozQSg I did not use oil, I used a handful of actual dried eucalyptus and chamomile. THIS WAS A LIFE SAVER.

I don’t take this virus lightly, especially having known close relatives and family friends who have lost their lives to Covid. This virus has changed my life from giving birth at the start of the pandemic, to attending funerals via zoom and finally suffering through it, myself. There were nights during the last few weeks that I just prayed for hours. It has shaken my family to it’s core. There are so many reasons why I chose to share on this blog, and for me it was important to say that we went through it and we are OKAY.

The only symptom that is lingering for me is my loss of smell and taste. Today is day 8 with neither and I’m extremely sad about it. I hope to get back to posting recipes for you all sooner than later!

I hope some of this helped! If anything there are some great remedies to take away even if you or your family have a simple cold!

Xo Be Well – Monika


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