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Indy Detox Carrot Juice

November 30, 2020

It’s the weekend after a big holiday week for many of us. Instead of having major guilt for over indulging, I’m turning to my juicer this morning.

This Indy Detox Carrot Juice will give you the boost you need to get back on track. The high fiber will keep you full longer while the other health benefits will hydrate you in ways you didn’t know you needed!

🥕 Carrots – Great for your eyes, hair, skin & nails but also aids in digestion and reducing bad cholesterol.

🍏 Green Apple – Gut health guru of fruits! Helps break down food and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria!

🐐Ginger – the GOAT. Immune & metabolism booster, helps with muscle recovery .. the list goes on.

🍋 Lemon – The detox queen. Great for your digestive system, weight loss, mental health and liver detox just to name a few.

💫 Turmeric – Soothes inflammation, aids in cleansing the body and fight illness.

❓ Do you juice? If so what are some of your favorite juices?


Fiji Masala Chai

October 18, 2020

Thank you for visiting Savoring Fiji. This was one of the first recipes posted on this site. I can guarantee whenever you visit any Indian home, almost always you are offered a cup of chai, whether it be morning, noon or night.  It’s more than just a cup of tea, Chai ‘s comforting warmth brings a homey atmosphere connecting both the house guests and the hosts. It’s also a recipe that changes and fluctuates with each new drinker. No matter how you take your chai, decaf, milky, spicy or sweet, this drink recipe can be personalized for everyone.

My first iteration of this recipe involved a lot more milk. My Aruna Mosi helped walk me through a lighter less milkier version of this recipe. The recipe below calls for canned carnation milk, however in Fiji traditionally milk powder was used. You can choose to use any type of milk you’d like.

I believe chai is just like roti in the sense that you only perfect it when you make it all the time. My Aruna Mosi’s chai is the same delicious cup every time, mine however has “too much ginger, need more sugar, did you add the milk” – type of days! haha.

Join me, make a cup of chai and let’s get started with Savoring Fiji!

Thank you to my one and only mosi, for teaching me this recipe.